What is a Bidet Seat?

what is a bidet seatNot surprisingly, many people don’t know what a bidet or a bidet seat is. And for those who have heard of a bidet, they very likely remember the old-fashioned porcelain bowls with the water spout that sprayed them in the face the first time they turned it on to see what it was.

Today’s advanced bidet toilet seats replace the antiquated, and inefficient cold-water porcelain bidet, and add elements of comfort, style, and affordable luxury to any bathroom.

The word “bidet” is a French word, meaning “pony”, and comes from the notion that a bidet is “ridden”, much like a pony. Bidets were popular in France and Italy in the 17th century and weren’t located in the bathroom, but instead, were in the bedroom. By the 1900s, plumbing advances moved the bidet to the bathroom, and it soon became a standard across Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Asia.

Today’s technology has led to some amazing developments with the integration of the bidet and the toilet, and most bidet users are now enjoying the benefits of integrated “bidet seats” that replace the existing toilet seat on most toilets. These new bidet seats bring a slew of wonderful features, such as sprayers that gently cleanse the genitalia and anus, heated seats, warm air dryers, and even modes to help with constipation.

Nearly 70% of homes and public bathrooms in Japan are equipped with a modern, sanitary bidet seat. In Turkey, an integrated bidet is standard on all toilets. South Korea has adopted them too, and  you’ll also find these amazing seats in Argentina and the Middle East.

While American users have been slow to begin using bidet seats, it’s time to ask why so much of the rest of the world uses them. It appears that everyone else knows how wonderful they are, and once Americans realize this, bidet toilet seats will become standard issue in American bathrooms.

At BidetReviews.org, our goal is to educate new buyers about bidet seats, provide bidet seat reviews, and show the world why every toilet should have a bidet seat installed. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to toilet paper.