Bidet Toilet Seat: Why You’ll Love Yours

So you’re on the fence about buying a bidet toilet seat, eh? Maybe you think it’s too expensive, or maybe you think you really don’t need one – toilet paper is working fine for you. Before you make your final decision, allow us to share with you a few of the best features of the bidet toilet seat that you don’t yet realize you’ll end up loving.

  1. The heated seat. There’s nothing like getting out of bed on a cold night or morning and being greeted by a warm toilet seat. You can’t appreciate it until you experience it. It really is that great.
  2. The soft close seat. Before I bought my bidet seat, I was looking to buy a Toto soft close seat, but then decided instead to put that money into my bidet seat. The soft close seat is fantastic – no more noise, no more wear and tear, no more annoyance. It’s pure brilliance.
  3. The toilet deodorizer (if you choose a bidet toilet seat with one). The integrated deodorizers are so effective at removing bathroom odors, you won’t even know someone was in the bathroom doing a number 2! Before the bidet seat, I double flushed, put droplets of peppermint oil into the toilet bowl, and even lit matches to keep the odors at bay. The deodorizer makes all these remedies obsolete. It’s revolutionary.
  4. The warm air dryer. Why? It just feels nice. I usually use a square or two of paper to dab dry, and then let the dryer do the rest of the work.
  5. The feeling of being clean. As we’ve mentioned numerous times on this website, using toilet paper in place of water is so ineffective and unsanitary. And once you begin using water to cleanse, you’ll realize how gross using just paper was. And you’ll feel and smell cleaner all day.
  6. The anticipation of using the bidet toilet seat the next time. You’ll actually look forward to using your toilet. And so will all your friends and family who know that you have a bidet toilet seat.

So go ahead, take the plunge. Buy a Brondell, Bio Bidet, USPA, Coco or another brand. Install it. And then wonder how you ever lived without a bidet toilet seat.

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