Understanding the Bidet Toilet Seat Water Heater

If you’re just starting to research bidet toilet seats, then you’re likely overwhelmed with trying to understand all the features and specifications of each model. (Don’t forget to check our handy bidet seat comparison charts). One of the most important features of any model is the water heater. There are essentially two types of heaters, each with its own pros and cons: The tank type, and the tankless/instant type.

Many of the newer bidet toilet seats are being built with tankless/instant heaters. A tankless heater heats water on demand, meaning there’s no tank keeping the water warm. This is nice for several reasons. First, it means that when you’re not using the bidet seat, there’s no electricity being used to keep a tank of water warm. Second, an instant heater means you’ll never run out of warm water when you’re washing. For users who enjoy or require a longer wash, a tankless/instant heater is your best option. The only drawback of instant heaters is that sometimes the first few seconds of water spray may be cool as the system warms up.

Bidet toilet seats with tanks are still very common, and work just as well as the tankless variety. Water is warm from the first spray, and most tanks are large enough to provide at least 60 seconds of constant warm water before getting cooler. While maintaining a tank of warm may require more electricity, most of the models with tanks offer a power saving feature that learns when you’re most likely to use the bidet seat and reduces power usage during the off hours.

I have been using a Bio Bidet BB-1000 bidet seat for the past 2.5 years, and have no complaints at all. While I sometimes think that a tankless/instant heater would be nice to have, I’ve only run out of warm water once while using my Bio Bidet, and that was because I was exploring all the modes. I’ve found that 60+ seconds of warm water is more than I ever use in one sitting.

Again, if you’re in the market for a Bidet Toilet Seat, take a closer look at our brand/feature comparison chart to better understand each model and its features. As always, feel free to contact us anytime via our chat tool (lower right corner of the site). We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Enjoy your Bidet!