Toto E200 Washlet

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Toto E200 Washlet

The Toto E200 Washlet comes with a wireless remote control

The Toto E200 Washlet represents the second level in the Washlet lineup, just above the C110 “Chloe” Washlet. It carries over all the same features of the C110, and adds an oscillating massage wash, a warm air dryer, and best of all, a wireless remote so you don’t have to rely on the side panel operation buttons.

The E200 features a sleek new design that you’ll be proud to show in your bathroom. Standard Toto highlights are included, including a heated, soft close seat (with five different temperature settings), both front and rear washes with an amazing 7 diverse pressure and 5 temperature settings, and an awesome oscillating/massaging feature mentioned earlier. The E200 provides unprecedented comfort and maximum cleanliness. According to Toto, it’s “the ultimate in personal cleaning”.

Like the other models, the E200 Washlet has an integrated water tank where the water is kept warm. The E200 also has a quick release mechanism which makes toilet cleaning a snap.

The Toto E200 provides an excellent value-for-dollar ratio within the Toto lineup, but it’s still a bit more expensive than some of the other brands with similar features. The Toto E200 is a wonderful, comfortable, full-featured, easy to set up, and easy to operate bidet seat that is worth consideration.

Toto E200 WASHLET Features:

  • Convenient Remote Control
  • Warm Air Dryer with Three Settings
  • Heated SoftClose Seat with Temperature Control
  • Soothing, Aerated Warm Water Wash
  • Self-Cleaning Water Wand
  • Adjustable rear and front washes
  • Oscillating comfort wash

The Toto E200 Washlet is available in 3 colors: Cotton, Colonial White, and Sedona Beige. It is offered in either elongated or round sizes.

The Toto Washlet Color Selection

Toto Washlet Available Colors

Toto Washlet Comparison Chart

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