Bio Bidet “Prestige” BB-800: Cleansing Features Up Close

Bio Bidet BB-800 Prestige: an advanced toilet seat with optimum cleansing technology at your fingertips.

In this video, we’re going to look at the cleansing features of the BB-800 Prestige advanced toilet seat.

The BB-800 comes with a built-in heater and motor and requires only a simple cold water connection. With state-of-the-art aerated bubble technology, BB-800 supplies continuous warm water up to one full minute.

The BB-800 is designed with a patented one-nozzle three-port system which has been shown to be more reliable and effective than the more standard two-nozzle system.

The nozzle is motor driven instead of water pressure driven which allows for consistent movement, less defects and higher efficiency. With hygiene always in mind, the nozzle is made of especially germ-resistant material. The nozzle tip can be easily removed and replaced whenever desired. This comes in very handy when you have guests who might be sharing the toilet and it makes replacing the nozzle on a regular basis incredibly easy and practical.

The BB-800 has the advantage of a posterior wash, a feminine wash and an exclusive Turbo wash. The Turbo wash uses a higher-than-average water volume and produces maximum aerated bubble activity for an exceptionally effective and satisfying cleansing experience. It provides a full, more satisfying water stream that is nonetheless gentle. You can use the posterior wash for your daily cleansing and the Turbo wash to stimulate the rectum and facilitate a more comfortable bowel movement.

With just the push of a button, the water temperature, water pressure and nozzle position can be finely tuned to your preferred setting. The water can also be set to pulsate and oscillate. The pulsating function provides a massage feature that is especially effective in stimulating the rectum which eases bowel movement. The oscillation function provides effective cleansing over a wide area. Both the pulsate and oscillate functions can be used simultaneously with any cleansing feature.

The BB-800 also comes with a remarkable self-cleaning feature as well as a manual cleaning feature. The nozzle automatically self-cleans after each and every use. To manually clean the nozzle, however, simply press the Stop button located on the side panel without activating the seat sensor. The nozzle will extend and remain in that position while you manually clean it. Pressing the Stop button again retracts the nozzle. The BB-800 is a totally maintenance-free product and does not require routine cleaning.

The Prestige BB-800 advanced toilet seat comes with the most advanced cleansing technology for optimal personal hygiene and both experts and consumers alike consistently rank the Bio Bidet BB-800 as one of the top rated advanced toilet seats in its class.