Bidet Toilets? Who Needs One?

Most Americans cringe at the thought of using a bidet, even though most Americans have never even tried one. When they think of a bidet toilet, the image of an old-fashioned porcelain bidet comes to mind – the kind that is usually found in old bathrooms, ans is mounted on the floor, right next to the toilet.  You kknow, the kind you have to squat over, whose knobs you have to fumble with and modulate to get the right pressure, and whose water is always cold. So it’s no wonder that most people are afraid of the bidet toilet.

Those same people have never heard of the modern bidet seat. It’s not really a bidet in the classic sense of the word, as it’s a unique, technologically advanced piece of hardware that replaces your current toilet seat. After using one, most everyone will come to a new conclusion about bidet toilets and whether or not they need one.

Imagine a cold winter morning. You don’t want to get out of bed, but work calls, so you do. You stumble into the bathroom and sit, and grimace while you wait for the feeling of the cold toilet seat to wear off. It only takes 10 seconds or so, you remind yourself. Once you’re feeling warmer, you begin to do your business, and when you’re done, you reach for toilet paper to wipe, but your hands are cold, and your bottom is cold, and wiping just isn’t comfortable.

Now imagine you have replaced your boring old toilet seat for a new, advanced bidet toilet seat that knows what time you wake up and is now warmed and ready for your morning visit. You sit down and are greeted by a cozy, warm seat. It feels great. And then you do your business, and instead of reaching for toilet paper (you’ve gone green now that you installed a bidet toilet seat – you don’t use much toilet paper anymore), you press a button on the wireless remote. A soft, warm aerated stream of water hits you and feels great as it gently cleans off your bottom. You then press the “Stop” button, and then the “Dry” button for a nice, warm air dry. In a minute, you’ve done your business, and cleaned & dried your bottom.

Quite simply, it’s a wonderful, satisfying experience and once you get past the unfamiliarity of being sprayed with water on your sensitive bits, you realize that you din’t know how you lived without a bidet seat for so long. The next logical thought is that you want to buy them for your family and friends. That’s how much you’ll love one of these bidet toilet seats.

Try one today. Not only will you not be disappointed, you’ll discover the best item you’ve ever bought for your house.